Rent to Own Purchase Program

  • The Lease with Right to Purchase Program has helped hundreds of families in Austin become homeowners. It can help you too! If you are a good renter and meet the following criteria, we may be able to help you find your dream home!

Lease Program Criteria:

  • You have a median household credit score of 550 or higher.
  • You can afford a rent of at least $1400 or more.
  • You have savings of 2 times the rent amount for security deposit. $1400 x 2 = $2800.
  • You have a steady Full-time job with total combined HOUSEHOLD income of $50,000 or more.
  • You pay all your bills on time (rent, utilities, car payment, etc).
  • No prior Evictions or Felony Convictions per program guidelines.
  • No collections in last 18 months (excluding medical or student loans).
  • You do not qualify for a mortgage loan at this time because you are self-employed, divorced, past credit issues, past medical condition, short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy and/or job loss.

If you meet the above criteria, the good news is that you may not have to wait a year or more to get into a home of your own. You may qualify for the Lease with Right to Purchase program. This Program is designed for people who intend to become homeowners within the next three years.

  • Rents range from $1400 - $4950 based on purchase price of home.
  • Homes range from $140,000 to $550,000 in approved communities with Top Rated school districts